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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by David Olayide

Learning Crypto With The Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education

Bitcoin homework claims to be one of the first valid cytocurrency based educational platforms. When I looked them up I saw that they indeed offered a variety of courses on different types of crypto and digital assets. From what I saw and experienced I can definitely say that Bitcoin Homework keeps up to date with the latest information about the activities of different cryptocurrencies.

The courses are detailed enough, and you will be taught in a simple and easy to understand way. Even those who have no idea of what crypto is all about, can still learn easily. There are videos and other teaching resources that will help the students gain the needed knowledge in no time at all. Since the platform has been at it for a while now, I dare say that they have greatly improved their structure.

I registered with a username and an email and without delays I was presented with my account. I discovered that the courses are offered in groups just like any regular school system. There are beginner courses, advanced courses and the courses for developers too. To monitor your progress you will be answering quizzes based on the courses you have taken.

The structure of the courses and their curriculums are great. I took this particular course on Coinbase 101 and I really liked how things were broken down and then explained. If you have the time I will advise everyone to use Bitcoin Homework to learn more about cryptocurrencies with no stress at all.

Pros & cons

  • Lots of courses available
  • The use of videos and quizzes to teach is supported
  • The courses are always current and up to date.
  • Proper structuring of courses and their curriculums
  • None so far