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Disillusioned by Bitcoin Homework

First and foremost, I came into reviewing this site as an absolute newbie to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am still very much uninformed, which is why I sought out this site in an attempt to educate myself on this unknown digital universe. Unfortunately, I found Bitcoin Homework to be an utter disappointment.

The site itself is crisp, quick, and easily accessible. However, the principal point of the entire enterprise is to educate people like myself on the world of Bitcoin. How can a site expect to do that if the courses are not available? A large swath of pages gave me the 404 error - page not found message when I clicked on them. So, while I found the Youtube videos on their channel to be informative and engaging - those were only the supplement materials to a larger product, which sadly does not seem to exist - at least this juncture.

Should Bitcoin Homework come back to functioning, I would be more than pleased to take one of their courses or at least test the waters, and in turn alter their rating. But until that time comes to pass, I cannot possibly recommend this business and their courses to any person in a similar position as I.

Pros & cons

  • well-delivered content
  • interesting idea
  • great for the beginner
  • many pages on their site cannot be found
  • no updates since 2020 or even 2019
  • the courses are unavailable