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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by Adejoh Samuel

Learning With Bitcoin Homework Is Without Borders

It is usually said that learning never ends. Most times when we talk about learning, people see it as a four cornered room (classroom) but all thanks to technology today, learning is possible with our mobile device. For a person to venture fully into the blockchain world, he or she would need a solid background in knowing how the things works. Like knowing how cryptocurrencies are purchased, how the market works, volatility and many other concepts. This happens to be what Bitcoin Homework specializes at.

It is a cryptocurrency learning platform that happens to be the first of it's kind in the blockchain network. It specializes on three sets of people namely: The. Beginners, Advanced and Developers with their respective courses available (the Beginner course, Advanced course and Developers course). The Bitcoin Homework with these list of people it specializes on has every single aspirant and traders covered. For people who are new to the blockchain technology, the Beginner course can be very helpful, for people who aren't new but are yet to know much about it, the Advanced class is recommended and for people who wants to move further in learning, the Developers class should be their choice.

The Bitcoin Homework has made more than 60 free courses available for your learning process and in addition to that, they reward learners for each course completed with the XTRA token. This XTRA token is part of the Ethereum blockchain that uses the ERC-20 standards. Other ways to earn a passive income on this platform is by participating in competitions. They have also made quizzes available at the end of each course to ensure students remember all that was taught. They discovered the fact that people learn differently and to make amendments, they introduced the online videos.

Pros & cons

  • They have more than 60 courses available with many more on the way
  • To facilitate learning, they introduced learning through video clips
  • The site is multi lingual making it's learning services available to many people around the world
  • They reward learners in the form of the XTRA token for course completed
  • They have also made provision for quizzes at the end of each course to retain the knowledge gotten
  • The learning platform tends to cater for all class of people, the newbies, normal traders and experts
  • The fact that they reward learners at the end of each course makes it possible for every one to earn
  • The platform is perfectly okay to me
Adejoh Samuel
December 19, 2020
Bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies in fact needs proper knowledge before embarking into it. The Bitcoin Homework has been able to provide these information to learners. They have also made it possible for learners to earn on their platform, although a passive form of income is what can be gotten.
larei bello
December 18, 2020
This whole course, is a very nice platform for learning... I have benefitted from various rewards but am still awaiting my certificate of completion, very concise and accurate lectures even comprehensible by a new user like me