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Review on Coinbase Training by Jose Luis Perez

A platform that promotes learning and where you can get rewarded while you learn.

Here we have a good opportunity to learn more about cryptocurrencies, which is very important to clear up our concerns that we may have regarding the world of digital assets. Education has always been a powerful asset in all contexts and especially in the crypto world, because the more information we have regarding the subject, the better we can operate in this ecosystem and Coinbase offers this training and education platform to allow its users to have more knowledge about different market projects and the general handling of crypto through dynamic classes that are exposed in interactive videos easy to understand and explained in a simple way. Little by little you progress in this training and at the same time you generate profits since the platform encourages the interest of the community to learn. Unfortunately this platform learning system is not available in all countries.

Pros & cons

  • Free courses.
  • You get rewards as you learn about the crypto world.
  • Explanation through videos.
  • You get learning.
  • You know of different projects.
  • Dynamic and simple.
  • Promote education.
  • It is not available in a considerable number of countries.