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Review on Coinbase Training by Nickolas Landry

Coinbase gives you free cryptocurrency to learn about certain coins and their uses.

Coinbase offers a fantastic opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market with a conceptual understanding of the utility some coins are created for. Their fees for buying and selling can be high, so if you're looking to learn and earn free cryptocurrency, Coinbase is the best option on the market. You can easily make over $100 usd in crypto simply by watching video lessons and passing tests. You can then sell those coins for fiat, convert them to other coins, or simply hold and wait for their value to rise. Highly recommended to everyone looking for free cryptocurrency and knowledge in a very centralized, easy to navigate application.

Pros & cons

  • Fast track to free cryptocurrency.
  • Learn about the utility of certain coins.
  • Offers to learn and earn are plentiful.
  • Great for those seeking guidance on crypto.
  • Link only a debit card for full access to purchases and withdrawals.
  • High fees for purchases and trades.
  • Can be put on a waiting list to learn and earn.
Jose Luis Perez
March 09, 2021
Hi Nickolas. The opportunities presented on this platform are very good, both in what is learned by taking the courses they offer and also earning the rewards that users obtain as they progress in learning.