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Review on IgmGuru Developer Training by José A Rodríguez

IGMGURU: A Blockchain Course Starting with Notions of the Ethereum Network

IGMGuru is a blockchain course with a flexible program to learn at any moment. It is a course of basic training ideal for developers, but also with open sections for different types of learners. The thing that impressed me the most about this company is that it offers a warm story about blockchain and what they do, and then the content is easily mentioned. It is also good because it offers a wide selection of lessons. There are 15 until now but each one of them receives support from the other. It is a project committed specially to bring an open understanding of the Ethereum blockchain.

The course offers many good features like a great availability throughout the week with great customer's attendance and support. It also provides a very practical schedule. The teachers, on the other hand, are a team of professionals who have worked in those fields or were even developers before.

The issue with this course is that it is very expensive, and an opportunity rejected for different users in the world. It can be difficult to pay for this content since it only has a standard price that does not receive any type of promotions, but it is ensured it covers all contents. Because of this, it is one of the courses with less rating in the market and currently, it is reducing its levels of scalability.

This course offers certification, but even the way in which they offer it is outdated. I say this because for becoming eligible the users must not just complete the course, but also pay for a participation of a live-program with counted hours through the web. Perhaps, it is good in some way because the company makes sure that the knowledge was granted, but in general, it can be a difficult.

IGMGuru has good features as well as some downs in their program. I think it can be a good option for advanced students who can pay for it, but for others, it won't be so easily accessible. It all depends on what users want, but the content published on the platform is not as original as it seems, that means it can be found outside.

Pros & cons

  • It is a course project giving excellent attention and purposeful knowledge to the Ethereum network.
  • It has a great lesson program that covers all topics from basic to advanced levels.
  • It is specially designed for individuals, and even more for those who have some knowledge about blockchain development.
  • The platform offers an open section of FAQs to know all possible services offered by the company and understand how it works.
  • The certification program is limited since it just can be granted after completing a live section. It remains separate from the program.
  • It is a course with a high value and difficult to pay for it. It does not offer many payment methods.