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First Exchange I Know

I want to share my experience about this exchange who came up in my country, this exchange is the bigest exchange on my country, many people know about it and many people use it, and one of the fiture that i like is "Voucher Code" that make me can trade my voc to another people who offering their , i know this exchange since 2016, use to be this exchange change name from Vip Bitcoin to Indodax, i don't know why but i like it, but this exchange have some cons, first cons is this exchange have slow transaction for withdraw an deposit, second cons this exchange is small coin or altcoin to trade, third cons the room chat is full with a bunch of people that can know the future, and that is ridiculous. I hope this exchange can be better.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I want to share my experience about bitcoin, i know bitcoin since 2016 and if i'm not wrong bitcoin price at that time is $700, i want to buy it, but i don't have money, so i just pass, but after 2017 desember, bitcoin price is going up to $14000 if i'm not wrong, and when i buy small coin on 2016 and i forgot it then i open at that time, my fund is like +1000% and since that i find money to buy altcoin and hold it for long timeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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I love music, and cryptocurrency, i am also a blogger

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