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XRP you guys need to make a better job of explaingig exactly how xrp fits into the whole banking system, and how banks will use the coin. I think you could have done a lot better at explaining, the funktionallity of the coin. So many convlikting stories out there about you guys and how the coin will be used... need to make it clear then need to get the message out there... Mabea it is out there but i need it to be in my face.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Seams like trx is hyping up their project before time but should turn out to be a good investment never the less. I am getting frustrated with the recent downturn in the markets but does not. TRX i think will change the way entertainment is beeing viewed, just frustrating it is taking so long. Cant wait for there coin burn in march, but dont know if that will affect the price so much. Also looking foreward to there live net. And always thankfull for all the partnetships. Reasently sold some other coins to invest in trx i bought at 12c andt currently at 4c, but still optemistic.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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