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I was there when Ferrum Network launched their ICO and they’ve been impressing me from day one. With a limited raised budget of less than four hundred thousand dollars they make possible what some other projects do not seem to make possible with millions of dollars raised: the launching of useable and attractive products and services and the building and maintaining of a very positive, vibrant and alive community. I was mostly interested in their products but cannot help to be impressed by their services also. With their products (some finished and some under development) they are going to offer a full bank in your pocket. The products will offer a fiat-crypto gateway (already launched for Nigeria as Kudi), a versatile wallet (already launched as UniFyre Wallet) with unique technologies and features like link dropping, a cold storage application on your mobile phone (to be launched as SubZero Wallet) and a true cross-chain DEX (to be launched as Infinity DEX). It is this cross-chain technology that attracted me to the project in first instance. Soon however I discovered that they are also very innovative in DeFi services. Their staking programs have been among the most generous I have encountered so far. And with their recent launch of the Foundry (an incubator in corroboration with Duck DAO) another great DeFi service is added. Not to speak of all the other things they have been offering to add value to their products and their native coin FRM, such as airdrops and flash sales for holders. Talking about the native coin. While the mainnet is still under development they launched FRM as ERC20 and BEP2 tokens with an innovative token bridge. That’s right. FRM is on Binance DEX, which is often considered as a pole position for listing on Binance. The native coin will be deflationary, which means that part of the revenue paid in FRM will be burned. Their COO is fantastic. In most projects the officials hide behind walls of admins, operating only at the background. Ferrum’s COO is constantly hopping from business talks with possible partners, to AMA’s in influencer channels, back to their own Telegram channel to patiently and enthusiastically answering questions from channel members. The team sees and grabs eagerly opportunities. Partners listing on their UniFyre Wallet are presented with a staggering frequency. I staked all my FRM early for a 75% revenue somewhere next year (and that was not even the most profitable staking), but I can’t really afford to not follow the project for a longer period of time. Unfollow for some time and at return you’ll have to read up for quite a while to get up to date again with all the new features that had been added to the known products and services while you were away. Ferrum Network score: 5 stars. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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