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Halving Litecoin is on its way. The last time LTC was at the bottom 200 days before the fall in the size of the remuneration that occurred in 2015. And we already see how LTC behaves. After the reward falls, there is a strong increase in value for 2 years. If this time everything goes according to the same scenario, we will observe growth until 2021, when Lightcoin reaches its peak. With each subsequent rise in the LTC price, the force fades away, which indicates a weakness of the bulls and an increase in the strength of the bears. There was a divergence in the ratio of LTC / BTC on 1D, which indicates that the bullish movement will end soon and the bearish one will start. The current price of 61.5 looks attractive for opening a short, who can’t wait can open at the current, our team tends to open a position higher, in the $ 64 - $ 67 zone, it will be less risky, and the probability of going into this zone is due to ascending wedge is the advantage of LONG / SHORT - 1 / 2.4, which makes it possible to create an impulse for the removal of shorts, and an extension of Longs, followed by a downward movement. Lightcoin shows more and more power. Pay attention to this particular tool is one of the few top managers who fully recovered their capitalization since the fall of November 14, 2018. Aether and Bitka do not have new highs, they are compressed into the figures of those analyzes, nevertheless Light has a pronounced trend and in terms of volume, he will make an even more powerful shot, which will be stronger than the shot of the top cryptocurrencies. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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