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I registered in November 2019 but started using LBRY's website again in July 2020. In this review, I'll talk more about Lbry's websites and monetization rights. At first, we can win very good rewards thanks to the missions. But the only place I can earn money as an income after completing most of it is the daily viewing reward. This reward is pretty low. I received 0.5 LBC award for 1 week. The lowest reward should have been 1. 0.5 LBC is very annoying. Daily view rewards ranged from 1-100. Now it's down to between 0.5-50. Also, we cannot receive some rewards. We reward our friends with 15 LBC, but so far 2 of my friends have not been verified and their phone numbers have not been registered. Also, even if I can gain followers, I can't get the reward. I tried to report these issues but they were not interested. I will stop using it after using it for a while. Also, the value of LBC is constantly falling.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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It is the second Turkish stock exchange I used. It is very useful and professional. It is a project from Istanbul Technical University. There are also mobile applications. They answer our questions and problems very quickly from the Telegram group. There are many cryptocurrencies. This is actually nice, but there are few cryptocurrencies in pro mode. When we buy coins that are not Pro mode, we pay more than usual. This makes it difficult to make a profit in the short term. Exen coin, its own currency, has gained considerable value. They had a very long running air drop campaign and thanks to this, they gathered a lot of users. We can find cryptocurrencies with 24-hour exchange, the most valuable, the least valuable, in alphabetical order, and this is very useful. The interface is very nice and convenient. Commission rates seem a little too high. Finally, my favorite feature of this crypto currency exchange is the continuous volume contest. So they constantly do it at events. They make live broadcasts, they draw sweepstakes, they also appear on TV programs. Successful. I believe it will be even more successful. The biggest weaknesses are high commission rates and non-pro mode coins.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Felixo exchange was the first cryptocurrency exchange I used. I saw the airdrop campaign and after some thought, I registered. At the same time, the first money I bought was the money of this exchange. I can say that I learned the world of crypto money with this exchange. I said that I bought the crypto money of this exchange, I waited for months, but there were no positive developments regarding the money. Eventually I gave up and sold the Felixo Coins I had. Felixo Coin is failing and worthless. But as the stock market, Felixo stock exchange is quite nice. All coins have a pro feature. Shipping fees are low. The money we pay for the commission is low. In summary, the Felixo exchange is successful, but the Felixo Coin is unsuccessful.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Hi. I have been dealing with cryptocurrencies for about 1 year as an amateur.

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