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Despite ups and downs which can be violent and sudden, Bitcoin is a remarkable asset that will never be a bad investment in the long run. Its recent run up to long term highs is the most predictable event in a long time. With huge money coming in through managed funds, ETF's and so on, the constant increase in price for over 3 months in Q2 of 2019 was obvious. Analysts on every big site with market pointers that reflect the fact; the word is out ! more and more people learn what is BEHIND crypto, what blockchain can and will do for the world as a whole, for humanity Nothing is stopping this train (decentralization). Blockchain / Crypto is growing rapidly and being recognized by all sectors, races, education levels, and cultures. It is a revolution that should be encouraged by leaders. By the people, FOR the people. Democracy in an economically driven world full of egos is very diluted to say the least. Blockchain arrived just in time, the next 10 years will see unimaginable changes...Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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