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Mithril is yet another blockchain-based social media platform, but that doesn’t mean it can’t succeed. Facebook was created during the MySpace craze and far outlasted its predecessor. Even with its popularity, Twitter and Snapchat managed to find their own niches. There are several key factors fueling Mithril’s chances of success. Mithril is an Ethereum-based platform that uses the MITH ERC-20 token to incentivize social media participation. MITH can be integrated into any social media platform. The Mithril team plans to partner with existing social platforms around the globe to distribute its cryptocurrency and blockchain mining duties. The Mithril Vault is the platform’s wallet and is used for storing funds, staking, and exchanges into other currencies. With these pieces in place, Mithril could be the next generation of social media platforms. Or it could become a very expensive flop. Partnerships and user adoption are vital to the platform’s success. Let’s hope they gain traction in these important areas.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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