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Everyone today is trying to make a difference, bought cheaper, sold at a higher price! But the cryptocurrency of prisms is a financial instrument that can defend our rights. We can use it to exchange goods of our own production. We just need to stop merging for a penny, set the course that we need, say 0.5 or 1 dollar and go. Everything is done for this. A convenient interface can be beaten even by grandmother, instant transfers, protection of funds and most importantly, there is already a large community of people who use this cryptocurrency. One step separates us from the fact that the very gold coins that were issued for ease of exchange will work for us, and not for those who print paper money. Now people do not understand what is supported by what. Saying that the dollar is backed by oil and gold is no longer relevant. The dollar, like any currency, is based on pure trust. As soon as confidence falls to the floor, the dollar will lose all its security and oil and gold will not help.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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