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Once this becomes a fully functioning product, it'll be huge. Visualize the best parts of Tor and the best elements of VPN combined in to one, more secure product that is free or even pays you. Plus the value of Cryptopay and how Justin has described SUB token acting similar to how BNB functions on Binance. We begin to see the scarcity of Sub, since most investors are long term holder, who have bought and continue to accumulate during the dips. Number of wallet holders also increase daily. There is no other way for the price as to go up when there is enough volume and buy orders. In this market conditions, this is just impossible. More money, investors and buzz is needed around the crypto market. We need a market cap of 400B for the price to go up and form a bullish trend. If such a coin as a Substratum cost only 12 cents then this is the real value in this bear market. I will not call this deep only a flatline. Almost all altcoin lost 90% of the value despite development and good news in last months.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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