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Many people think that Bitcoin is just a virtual code and has no substantial value support. So this is just a scam. Today I want to give a clear answer here. Bitcoin is definitely not a scam. Bitcoin, the benchmark for digital assets. Today I am reading this emerging product from a "traditional perspective." We understand from a traditional perspective why BTC does not return to zero? Woodrow, the former chairman of Coca-Cola, has a famous saying: "If my factory is destroyed by fire, if there is a global financial storm, but as long as there is a Coca-Cola brand, I will stand up again the next day." The factories and assets of the "substantial value" are burned out, and they can stand up again with a single name. Is this a bit similar to "virtual currency"? In other words: virtual things are also valuable. Some people may say that this is just a hypothesis. Ok, let's look at a real one, and it happened in China, and everyone is familiar with it, it is a herbal tea war. It is the company that Jiaduobao really promotes the brand Wang Laoji from a niche brand to a brand that has received less than 100 million yuan a year and has a revenue of tens of billions. All resources such as supply system, sales team, sales channels, production and processing are all in Jiaduobao. After the recovery of Wang Laoji brand by Guangyao, it basically started from scratch, except that there is only one Wang Laoji trademark. But what is the end result? Even though Jiaduobao is so powerful, it has invested a lot of money in advertising campaigns, and eventually lost the battle. Now Wang Laoji is sitting on the seat of the herbal tea boss, even the assets of "substantial value" ( Channels, teams, production, etc. are all caught in the hands of Jia Duobao. Ok, let's go back to Bitcoin. In fact, the real battleground for Bitcoin is not the blockchain industry, but the "golden" market. Bitcoin has become a new species in the gold market, Bitcoin = Digital Gold. In other words, we can regard "BTC" as a successful brand. He represents the digital gold in the digital currency and is the high-end goods of digital currency. In fact, the success of Bitcoin is as simple as this: BTC = Digital Gold. Since then, in addition to physical gold, there is also a choice of digital gold, which is Bitcoin BTC. Therefore, BTC Digital Gold, a brand and category, has successfully stood still, and its vitality may even surpass physical gold, so it gives 9 points. For too.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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