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Spent half a year trading on Yobit to break even. Started as a beginner, wasted money and made some extremely stupid mistakes, but using this specific exchange platform I stopped being a beginner. There really are many inconspicuous areas where you can lose money, but with the time you will learn and even start making some good money. Most important tips for beginners – analyze every detail; ask for advice in the Telegram chat where many are willing to answer questions and help; chose one way to make money on Yobit and study it until you are capable of making a good profit and, only then, look into other options; never play dice more than required by the terms of invest box. Yobit is a top exchange. Many have badmouthed it, but in reality, 99% of traders had no issues, so I would advise you try exchange platforms firsthand instead of believing potentially payed-for reviews!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Blockchain threw money into the wallet, the money shows on the balance sheet, and confirmation has not been happening for two days. I tried to send money because it is visible on the balance sheet, too, there was no confirmation day, so who can say that? and how long can it last? I see my money is missing. The mood fell below the baseboard. I got angry and took it off my computer. After two days I decided to check if something went wrong there maybe. I looked, the loot was in place, but the notification about entering the wallet came to the wrong e-mail . On which I joined and on the other. Miracles but undesirable. One is bad. When trying to bring out 0.0001166 cue ball writes Means are not enough. And what minimum salary I can’t get out of. The project rating is average Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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