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Please be aware that this coin is a scam. The reasons for being a scam are listed in this thread at Just a summary: - Not one person of the core developer team is known. They even removed the team page from their website - They say that the project existed "on the deep web" for 2 years, but nobody heard anything about that project in that timespan - The cryptonote whitepaper that the coin is based on, is technically perfect. The described content is really nice but the document itself tries to imply that it was created years ago, which is not true and that can be shown (see the link) - It is absolutely clear that version 2 of the whitepaper has been written first (version 1 is just a stripped version of version 2). They did this to let it look like the whole project is older to account for the premined coins that they premined to be rich a fuck some day - Knowing all the above, there is no reason to trust this coin in any waySiehe vollständige Bewertung

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