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The bitcoin has more merits than demerits, it is guiding us to a paperless or fiat-less economy where the transactions can be made at any time and location cheaply. I really admire the brains behind it because it has changed the entire financial game with other added benefits of easing the way we do everything in our lives. Among all the other cryptocurrencies, I will and always look forward to working and investing in. A life story of how Bitcoin saved an old man's life A son (an illegal immigrant) in the US needed to send cash to Africa for his father's medical surgery emergency. It was on Sunday in the US, (but Monday in Africa), did have a bank account and most money transfer agents were closed, the credit card was not an option due to the illegitimacy of stay and bad credit score. He gave someone cash and borrow Bitcoins, which he sent to his brother's wallet immediately. The brother sold the Bitcoins to buyers in Africa and git fiat cash which he paid for their father's surgery which if it was late by a day, he could have died. So The Bitcoin project is also a savior in third world countries. Thank you Bitcoin project for making us gradually say goodbye and setting us free from the slavery of the fiat masters of the primitive age! With a little tweaking, the shortcomings will be minimized, it will be the best option for the rest of the years in this world. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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