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Chain Clash

The Chain Clash Blockchain which is been built as a Dapp gaming application on the EOS. As the game rewards it's users on native coin. As you Have your signature of having to own an avatar as your base character on the game. As this Avatar both acts as collectibles which can be sold as well as having to buy and own other Avatars. As you have the tools on having to build on your avatar and having to challenge other users as having to win your opponent gets you some rewards. As you can build on this and get to feature on the leader boards As you get to configure your fighting strategy when having to take on a battleSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Realisation of Ethereum

As we all know of the Ethereum name being a brand which has a backed currency of the Ether. And boast of being the best 2nd token in terms of general market cap. The Ethereum platform have been built on being the network of having to make smart contracts as an ecosystem on their economy. We all know of how the Ethereum network has side chains which are called tokens In which this tokens are transfer, sent and broadcasted to the blockchain by fees paid using EthersSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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