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in my opinion this wallet is good enough when I use the wallet I am spoiled with very complete features such as the swap feature that makes it easy for me to exchange coins that I have for the coins I need easily and quickly but what I regret is the limited coins available in the wallet the blockchain there only provides 5 coins and the website speed when accessed is so slow that it makes me uncomfortable when using this wallet, I hope the developer fixes the problem of website speed when accessed and adds more coins to the blockchainSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Indodax is the exchange with the largest user in Southeast Asia and I have been using this exchange since 2017, my experience using Indodax is the ease of making deposits and withdrawals because Indodax supports all banks in Indonesia and I am very facilitated to make withdrawals and deposits, then there is feature to make IDR vouchers to send Idr (rupiah) balances to other indodax users is usually used to withdraw IDR from indodax to an account using a third party with a lower withdrawal fee than the official Indodax, but in my opinion the indodax Android application is very unattractive to use , in terms of poor display and many features that cannot be accessed through the application so it needs to be addressed in the Android applicationSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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in my opinion after using the features in binance I was very impressed with this exchange, the first thing that impressed me was its minimalist appearance and very easy to understand, so binance also has two web site views that are basic and advanced, when we use the sophisticated display will display many trading indicators that have been provided by binance and it really helps me, so for the customer service in binance very quickly they help me resolve my deposit problem and they solve it in a matter of hours and I am very impressed, unfortunately binance has not provided a deposit in Rupiah or IDRSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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after I use coinsbit I experience many obstacles when using this exchange, the first problem is verification of id which takes a very long time and it wastes my time, then when I deposit my crypto assets into coinsbit I also experience problems because my deposit was not received into account until it has been 2 weeks and it makes me uncomfortable when using coinsbit, then customer service that does not help solve the problem I'm facing they only tell us to be patient it really doesn't help, then I also face problems when making withdrawals from coinsbit , withdrawals are delayed for weeks. I really don't recommend exchanging coinsbit for you guys to use, it's better to use another exchangeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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