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I've been using for two weeks now, decided to leave a small feedback on them because I was able to save/earn more bucks through Service inch itself is aggregator of liquidity, it's like dex, but they don't have their own crypto and you buy crypto from 70-80 other dex that cooperate with them through their site. Service finds where the desired crypto is sold, finds where it is more profitable to buy or sell it (that's how I got this advantage) and makes a deal. You can buy any deficit crypto from six different blockchains through one site, it's super convenient. A convenient service for working with defi. This is a service, not an exchange! works as an aggregator, through this service you actually trade on several dozens of dex at once. You can redeem any token or coin and automatically get the best price. Plus, if you buy a large amount, it will be redeemed from multiple dex, and because of this slippage is minimal, often times more profitable than buying on one. This is mega convenient, now I no longer go to dex to buy, all through do. The commission is not unambiguous, sometimes it is high, because there are a lot of transactions, it should also be taken into account. Especially true for buying a large volume of low-volume coins Service would recommend for permanent work, but first look at a couple of reviews and poke everything, especially for beginners. Much(!) better than working directly with dex exchanges, especially if the aim is to buy or merge tokens at the best price, here it's faster and easier to do than by hand Important advantages: service doesn't take commission at all, all commission you pay is what you pay to dex exchanges and transaction fee; through you can redeem coins with minimal slippage, that is you can enter in 1 transaction for 10-20k of coins with not very large volume and slippage will be 10 times lower than if you enter through one dex (the reason is that will redeem from different dex exchanges) I am very satisfied with them actually, they helped me to make a good profit simply by more competent entry in the coins From minuses I would mark only ether network, it is not always profitable to enter through, especially for small amounts, because if there will be 2-3 transactions to get better price, then commission may be higher than economy. So with this be careful, look carefully how many transactions and where, sometimes it is better to look through the best rate and go directly to dex to buy, but is relevant only for ether network and then not always, if a large amount to enter the coin, through them will be cheaper Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The site ABCCis a fairly young resource that began active work in early April this year. The main founder of the resource is Calvin Cheung - an experienced entrepreneur, and in the past a member of Singapore’s state parliament. Today, this cryptocurrency exchange offers its users more than 97 trade pairs, and the daily turnover of trades, according to site statistics, exceeds $ 30 million. The administration of the ABCC resource pays serious attention to security, which is ensured by the constant audits of the resource, within the service framework (distributed software service architecture) and, of course, standard two-factor user authorization. It is important to note that the project advisors are experts such as Zheng Lei (CEO of Yee and Yee Call blockchain companies), cryptoinvestor Cheng Weixing (included in the Forbes list) and famous serial entrepreneur Forest Chen. The stock exchange is supported by institutional investors - the funds of Funcity Capital, DreamSeekerCapital, and also BlockOrigin Capital. OCN is the Shi Yi project that is the founder of BlockOriginSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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