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I am an investor, I have been on Yobite since the beginning of 2017, so I know what I praise for. Previously, there was a problem with the support on the yobit, they could answer for 3 months, but now this drawback has been removed and the answer comes in 20 minutes. Well, the maximum for a day, and even if the issue is technically difficult and they solve it at this time. There are a LOT of coins and currency pairs on ebit. And there are more and more of them. Due to such a number of coins on the exchange, there are very high chances of various kinds of errors, from which beginners mostly suffer. But for investors, the variety of ebit is a big plus, since only here you can find a coin with a good entry point at least every day. Of course, you will have to sort out a lot of coins, but finding a coin that will give you x100 is five times easier here than on any other exchange. Of course, many of them are on a small volume, but there are also enough of them where you can get a cue ball in a couple of weeks. Personally, my record is x142 on a coin in which I invested 0.05 cue ball. There are not many chances of finding such coins, but with experience it will be easy for you to succeed. So a large number of coins is a minus for beginners, a huge plus for oldies! Also, before there was another problem, somewhere at the end of 2017, I often began to see that people wrote, they say the exchange took their balance to their wallets. So, the exchange itself does not do this, the problem is in newbies, who were then very actively stealing data and balance. Not only yobit suffered from this, but also binance, okekh and other large exchanges. So if you see such a review, this is a newbie who did not put 2fa and fell for phishing or brute-force mail. Therefore, please follow basic safety rules so that you and your balance do not suffer =)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Cool monitoring of exchangers with which I have known not for a long time, there were no problems with exchangers, so the exchange rate is reliable. A good service for finding a cryptocurrency exchange, there are many exchangers with different rates and ratings! I make exchanges for three months, no problems arose! So I advise you to use it safely It is much better to look for exchangers through it than to make an exchange, it is not clear where, everyone's business, of course, but personally I trust. Having made several transfers, we realized that this resource works with any amounts and without hidden fees. An exchanger that, during its work, was able to gain the trust of users.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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