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The abundance of currency pairs can not but please, convenient financial instruments like Coinsinfo and investbox help me to increase my capital, I recommend this exchange. This exchange is one of the most experienced players in the market. It has been operating since 2014, I am connected to it since 2016. Since then, I have never once doubted the correctness of my choice.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Exodus is a relatively new software wallet that has already gained some popularity. Its creators were J.P. Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli. High hopes were pinned on the Exodus wallet. Since it was developed as the most convenient and multifunctional wallet. Its main advantage is the ability to store most of the cryptocurrencies available on the market. Exodus wallet has a convenient portfolio section that allows you to easily manage your cryptocurrency and directly see its value in relation to fiat currency. The project team also implemented a trading function. This allows you to exchange one currency for another directly from your wallet. Moreover, this allowed to cover the costs of developing and improving the program, since the Exodus wallet itself is free.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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