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The advantage of the PRIZM cryptocurrency, of course, is a personal wallet! The most important thing is the correct storage of the passphrase. Which can not be stored completely all, and only on one medium. For example, part of a phrase can be written down, and a message of 4-10 characters can be memorized. You can fully remember the entire passphrase. Of course there are downsides to this system. For example, you forgot or lost your passphrase. You can no longer go into your wallet and use your funds. Or if someone else saw your passphrase, he took advantage of it, and you were left without your money. There are also copies of sites where you enter your password, and someone already copies it, and also takes your money for yourself! The main thing is to be extremely careful in storing the passphrase. Then your finances will be in place! PRIZM implements a smart wallet as part of its design: all accounts on the network are stored with private keys for each possible account address directly derived from the code phrase of each account using a combination of SHA256Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Do I really like PRIZM cryptocurrency? Despite the fact that I never had a cryptocurrency. First of all, of course, the PARAMINING technology surprised! This is when you get a percentage incentive to store your funds! Interest ranges from 0.12% to 3.3% per day! And per month up to 9.9%. And if you calculate the annual income, then it is much higher than that of any bank! And, despite all the ups and downs, thanks to this technology you can significantly increase your money! And thanks to the NODA program, you can additionally enable the FORGING function. Which will also help increase your income! PRIZM- the cryptocurrency of the future! PRIZM does not create any new coins as a result of creating blocks. The redistribution of PRIZM occurs as a result of the fact that block generators block generators receive transaction feesSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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