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Large selection of trading pairs = 8575 at May 2020 Low commissions (0% -1% for fiat deposit, withdrawal from 1 to 7%, 0.2% from transaction) Lack of verification Russian, English and Chinese versions of the site You can replenish in rubles, dollars and euros Having your own landing page with interest on cryptocurrency deposits - InvestBox Coin with a constant distribution of coins (pay a penny) Referral program (easy to get into ref, pay a large% referral) The site is fast enough The absence of any legal information about the exchange (I think that this is in the order of things for an anonymous exchange, otherwise there would also be kyc. In addition, the top of the exchange is known) Frequent trading manipulations on low liquid assets (available on all exchanges where there are low liquid assets) A lot of “dead” coins in the exchange listing (yobit extremely rarely delists coins, in general this is not a very big minus, such coins just make search a little bit difficult)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The wallet is not bad, but admins make distributions for which they cannot pay, at one time spent a huge amount of money on traffic for reft, as a result they paid 1/10 of what they should have, but as for wallets, there can be no complaints Three hundred cryptocurrencies is really a lot. Not every major exchange flips so many coins, but here is such a variety. But still, the main thing in the wallet is its security and the reputation of the creators, the rest is secondary. Of course, it’s not perfect, but not so miserable, and I didn’t notice any glitches there, I can only select a rather large commission from the minusesSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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