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If it is important for you that all your transactions are anonymous and well protected, then pay your attention to this exchange. The yobit exchange does not require verification, and there are no restrictions on trading without verification (because there is no verification at all on this exchange). I also like that this exchange has been operating since 2015 and in 5 years of operation there has not been a single exchange hack! This is a very cool achievement!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Waves cryptocurrency is developed as an alternative blockchain-based platform for creating your own applications. Everyone can create their own virtual coin or earn on leasing by transferring existing assets to pools. To store and perform any operations with digital currency, you need to open a special waves wallet, which is also suitable for saving the wagerr token and others created on the platform. Waves platform A network service from the development team that allows not only storing, but also trading cryptocurrencies. It has a convenient, simple interface, fully Russified. Some analytics and up-to-date exchange data are offered. Allows you to create tokens, transfer funds for leasing, displays in detail all operations with division into separate areas. You can change not only the password, but also the passphrase. There are no questions about how to create a Waves wallet, the process takes a few minutes, and for success it is enough to follow the instructions and read the recommendations. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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