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Bitcoinz has it all : it is has a meaningful reason of existence with a noble long term target to offer freedom to everyone in the world with fast , easy and almost zero fees transactions. It is very fast, it has optional privacy, it had the most fair launch that a cryptocurrency ever had, with no premine, no ico, no instamine, no founders taxes, no blockchain forking, no airdrops. It is a pure Proof of Work cryptocurrency that pioneered in developing mining algo variants with ASIC resistance. It is completely Community Driven (Not a centralized company project with a CEO that simply claims to be Community driven like the 99% of the cryptocurrency projects out there). It has a unique ecosystem with amazing features but one of the strongest advantages , except the aforementioned, is its ultra low, next to zero, fees. The fees of BTCZ , because of its design, its high supply and its faster blocks is amazingly lower than the fees of BTC. Unfortunately BTC and Eth turned to be very expensive on their fees with even 4-20 euros fees for a high priority transaction. BitcoinZ has a fee of a SMALL fraction of a cent , this way it makes possible even sending minimal sums like 1 or 10$ to a friend , instantly with virtually zero fees. Siehe vollständige Bewertung



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