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Ethereum is a promising cryptocurrency that I have been using for about two months and have been satisfied. The reason I bought Ethereum in the first place was that it was more scalable than Bitcoin. But some news caused me to pull back a little bit. If it is news It was because Ethereum code showed vulnerabilities and was subject to hacking attacks in the past. This caused the public to lose their trust. So at first I was prejudiced against this cryptocurrency and tried to stay away as much as possible, but after using it for a while, I saw that it was not at all, I liked it very much. I hadn't invested in Ethereum in the early days and then this cryptocurrency gained a lot of value and that upset me a lot, I said I wish I invested in Ethereum at that time. And what I like is that it allows the user to create smart contracts and dApps. In general, the interface is good, reliable, more appreciable, measurable.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I live in Turkey. I am a Computer Program student.

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