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On yobit, a lot of people swore in reviews, so I decided to write a true review so that you did not believe in this custom slander. They really had problems with support and speed, but, as many wrote, this was at the peak of bitcoin growth and a large demand for cryptocurrencies. Then many exchanges were stupid due to the greatly increased load, obviously there were no ready for such a hype)) However, now support is responding very quickly, in an hour or two. The site is in no way stupid and functioning normally. There are no problems with payments either, I often withdraw and get fiat, so if there were problems there, I would have collected everything in the last two years. In general, I do not know about you, but I didn’t have any problems here after the cue ball fell from 20k. And as a proof that others have everything ok, they can speak of telegrams - if there were problems now, they would constantly roll complaints and call admins, but I don’t see such people there. In terms of those characteristics, yobit works great and there are no problems with it. Cons can only be for beginners, since yobit allows for pumps and scam coins on your site. This is on all exchanges, it’s just more obvious here. ""Naive homeless people suffer from this, but for more experienced investors, it’s a plus that such things are much more obvious here than on large exchanges.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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