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I've used Binance for a long time and it is my go to exchange for day trading. The trading fees is a bit high but the possibility of paying fees in the BNB token which provides 25% discount is a good alternative to save some in fees. The security features are good and double authentication makes it really hard to break into someones account. There is a large amount of trading pairs available which makes it easier to trade one coin for the other. Moreover, the trade volume and liquidity is immense which results in fulfillment of the orders very quickly. There are many options available to display graphs in different forms. The UI is simple to understand and easy to use.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I've been using Exodus wallet since two years now and I never faced any issues with it. It is my go to hot wallet to store small amounts of various cryptos. The exchange integration inside the wallet is a big plus as it helps to convert significant small cap coins to BTC in just a few steps. Even the exchange rate for alts is comparable to the market price.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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