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I recommend this exchange to all my friends. Comfortable and informative interface, not too overloaded. Good account curl, plus anonymity. I suggest you try InvestBox, a very useful thing. You can easily make 20% per month on altcoin, personally convinced of it. I've been trading crypto for about two years, I've tried many exchanges: starting with Binance, ending with Hitbtc. It is very convenient that this platform does not ask for verification, even if you are trading more than 100 bitcoins per day. YoBit seemed the most convenient, I recommend it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The advantage is that you can store any available cryptocurrencies in one application, there is no need to use multiple payment acceptance programs and multiple wallets. This can be done both for online stores and for those that work offline. 14 cryptocurrencies have already been connected, support for other popular altcoins is planned. A cryptocurrency payment solution for POS and e-commerce offering loyalty rewards for end customers and merchants combined with a secure multi-currency wallet. For end customers - the ability to pay using cryptography For sellers - a new form of payment For the core team of cryptocurrencies - liquidity and real use of their cryptocurrencySiehe vollständige Bewertung

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