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Earning potential :- It's true you can earn 24 hours but earning is very low. Listed Tokans :- It has wide range of tokans, but most of the tokans are not listed on popular exchange, so if want to keep those tokans at your favourite exchange or wallet, you can't do. It means you have only option to sell those tokans. Deposit and Withdrawal :- Deposit and Withdrawal is good, it insuseres Security measures. Transaction fees :- Transaction fees is low. App performance :- App version is good, It looks good, never hang, overall good app. Major drawback :- Crax24 delists any Tokan without any information. Overall opinion :- Exchange which is required to improve their listing and desisting police. Thank you. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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LATOKEN is a exchange where you can start your Cryptocurrency journey without risking your own funds through good quality Airdrops. Once your account is verified you can claim Airdrops. It is also providing good Refferal Program. At LATOKEN there are two types of Refferal Program. First is direct referral of exchange and second is through Airdrops Refferal, but in both cases your friend should verify his account. This exchange is providing commission on Transaction and withdral of fund's of by your friend in the same Cryptocurrency in which your friend has paid fees. I feel major problem with this exchange is it's high transaction fees and also high withdrawal limit. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Today Etherium is second largest Cryptocurrency Network Bitcoin. Today most of the Cryptocurrency Tokans are based on Etherium. This positive aspect have some dark side too. When you want to transfer ETH or Etherium based tokans, then you have to pay very high Network fees. In some cases ( Etherium based tokans ) , Network fees are higher than tokans value.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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