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Highlights of MITHRIL compared to other platforms: - MITHRIL was developed on the basis of the ethereum's blockhere, so it would surely inherit the power of the ethereum blockchain as information is faster than the bitcoin network because it is stratified. - MITHRIL has the power of the first social networking site that I have ever known, but you know that in recent years, the development of e-commerce sites like amazon, taobao, etc. Social networking platform is also strong like facebook, instagram ,. To have a website to apply and exploit all the advantages of today's social networking is indispensable. - The advantage of MITHRIL to achieve what I like is that MITHRIL created the 'new' work in this 4.0 revolution. weakness of MITHRIL If MITHRIL wants to develop in the long run, it can not use blockchain ethereum as I say it is a strong point because it's fast and decentralized but what makes the MITHRIL brand remind people of the blockchain technology behind ethereum. In short, this project has the potential to reach all three major segments so it will fly far if there is a specific strategy in the near future. Thanks Revain I know this application!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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