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This is a good platform that I use for over 6 months. What I like about it is the variety of coins (ESBC, DIVI, RPD, and more). In addition the platform is really quick. Once you deposited your coins, they appear in your wallet in an hour or even quicker. You can add 2FA for increased security, I recommend this. I like the app too, this gives me a quick overview about my portfolio, when i am not at my computer. What I also like, is that the staking fee is deducted from my rewards. So, no transfer of BTC to the service needed, I only pay when I receive any reward - a working and honest construction for me! Coming to some "potentials" that I discovered. Sometimes the staking stops out of a sudden. It happened two times that the coins stopped paying. After mentionning this in the discord channel, I received a friendly response ("we will check that"). But in the end, the 1-2 weeks of rewards are gone and I wonder, if I am supposed to check the integrity of the staking by myself or if this is a service of the provider... As I do tested some shared node services, a can also state, that the rewards are not the highest for every coin. If you want to max out your staking reward you can compare each coin reward at several shared node service OR create a wallet by your own. As my personal conclusion, SOS offers an easy-to-use shared node service that covers many Altcoins. It is quite quick and supports even small coin amounts. If you want to max out your staking rewards, you will find higher paying solutions out there.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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