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Bluewallet is an open source, mobile, Bitcoin Wallet Application for IOS and Android. It makes the Lightning network consumer friendly and allows instant transactions with the Lightning network as well as 'normal' Bitcoin transactions. The App access itself can be secured with the device biometry, the different addresses can be exported on different ways: Segwit -> Hash Segwit HD -> Mnemonic Lightning only as address There is an integrated Lapp Browser with third party apps for the Lightning Network such as Bitrefill, ZigZag, Blockstream,... and for the native Blockchain with HodlHodl, Bitmedia, ChangeNow,... Per default the app connects to the BlueWallet lightning node, but in the app settings you can also change the Node and use it with your own if you want. All in all it makes the Lightning Network useable for everyone and provides a very good user experience and the basic security features. It is open source and Updated regularly. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Crex as it is a very nice exchange with a very good trade engine as well as a very clear User Interface. It is a beginner friendly exchange with many listed Coins and a Fiat Integration which makes it to one of the leading exchanges for altcoin trader. But if it's such a good exchange, why am I givin 'only' 3 Stars? A Crypto exchange is built on the trust of it's community and if you don't trust an exchange you won't use it. A key principle for trust is good and clear communication, and Crex isn't always capable to provide that. There were several times in the past, where users did not know what was going on with Crex. One time many wallets were going offline and Crex wasn't reacting for several days, there were rumors about an exit scam and so on. Also in their Discord there were no response from the Team. A second aspect is the introduction of the KYC. Don't get me wrong, it is not because of the KYC, but it is the style how they introduced it. They said there will be a KYC for all EU Users from 1.1.2020, but than never happened, now, since one month some Users are getting KYC prompts from one day to another. To access the funds you have to pass the KYC. In my eyes also here there is a lack of trust as we don't know who and why you have to pass the KYC. To Sum Up Crex is a good exchange, without question, and the pros overweigh the Cons, for daily trades the exchange can be recommended without problem. And if they improve the Communication it will be one of the best crypto exchanges in my eyes Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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