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I’ve had a positive experience with Brave and BAT. I hope it expands and it flourishes. I’ve found the advertisements to be on point with what I’m into and they get better each day. One other thing that I like about BAT is that it is an ERC 20 token, Ethereum is going places and with continue to roll out new technologies that will increase transactions and accessibility. However, like I said above, I’d really like to see BAT move beyond Brave, perhaps new platforms that are really ready for this new wave of what crypto can do. I think there are plenty of platforms like entertainment streaming or sports/sporting events that can make this a valuable and useable project. These platforms will be what kicks this thing off! I see a lot of potential for this project into the future. Keep up the good work!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Follower of Christ, Husband to my beautiful wife Tiffany, and Father to my amazing kids Jonathan, Avery and Ansley. Also likes Michigan Football.

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