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The exchange interface is client-friendly, intuitive, and relatively simple. Several languages are available, including Chinese, I can note that for those users who have a minimum knowledge of English, it will be very comfortable to use the English interface. As far as I am concerned, it is excellent. It is necessary to start trading on any exchange by making a deposit. I like Yobit because you can fund your account with fiat money directly from your card or other online services. In this case, you can deposit your account with bitcoin or hundreds of other altcoins. When making a deposit, you need to go to the "Balances" section and choose the desired currency, after which you will reach your goal in a few steps. Very convenient, especially for beginners Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I decided to go into cryptocurrencies and for this I created this wallet. As I understand it, this is the official cold storage method for Ethereum. It can even be used offline. You can download this site and use it on a computer without the Internet, it's safer. You can create and make transactions without the Internet. Only then the code for these transactions will need to be run on another site. Again, for safety. I had difficulties. I first registered with a login and password, then they gave me 12 words. But the next time I logged in, it went to other wallets. I had to understand a lot to find the key directly to my wallet. And they didn’t give me a file to enter, as they give to everyone else. But it seems to be convenient to store, send and receive. You have to log in constantly if you reloaded the page. In short, with this storage method, only you will have the ethers stored, and not on some other's site.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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