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I trade on 3 exchanges, including yobit. I mainly use it for withdrawal / plant of fiat and sometimes for arbitration, as the course on yobite with my major exchanges can be very different. A very large number of coins are scrolled on the yobite, many start from here and then go to larger exchanges. Therefore, here you can intercept promising coins for cheap. He did it several times on x100)) Usually x2-x3 is stable. But as a minus, it takes longer to dig, there are a lot of coins and they accumulate for a long time, because at some low trading volumes. Yobit is a very old exchange, if I am not mistaken, then it has been working since 2014. For all this time there has not been a single case of hacking the exchange, which gives hope for high reliability. I also like the fact that the exchange is anonymous. Here you do not need kyc and the history of your bidding will not go anywhere. In my opinion, the main minus of the yobita is the newcomers. There are a lot of them here, when the crypt was on hype, then the whole avalanche of newcomers from Russia and neighboring countries rushed to this exchange. This causes some discomfort, because of them I had to run away from chat for 2 yearsSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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