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Roobee ecosystem is made up of several components, apart form supporting 6 Networks and most in future, My favorite part is Roobee Bridge. is our own bridge for transferring Roobee token from Eth network to Bsc >.< The Token Roobee is defined as a utility token within the Roobee platform, it gives you many privileges between then transaction cost discount, vote governance and others products. For me, the ease, clarity in the platform's functions, the great strenght of the community and the project that doesn't stop, We will have a Giatn in a short time, I recommend this platform, if you are afraid, I advise you to read the comments, they are Safe and Well served, the Platfrm is rich in Options, Active Support and Active Social Networks, This Shows that it is on the Move and Looking for News. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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This is one of my favorite projects, which I sincerely support and take part as a crowdsourcer. Unlike many today, this is a real project without hype. Just crowdsourcing 2.0, which already works. This means that for today this is the most successful model in the history of the crowdsourcing evolution, at my discretion. You participate in the co-creation of startups that you like most and earn cryptocurrency.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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