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Very Bad. They took my coins with no shame. I bought some telos coins on their exchange. On 11th August 2020, I made a withdrawal of close to 10,000 telos coins to address GLHqPV48Q1yLEeMAJNWFTJvra4eM4msxPY. After many hours, the coins did not arrive to my wallet, and there was no sign of them on the telos block chain. That definitely means they did not leave the exchange. I opened a ticket to Graviex customer service and received the following answer" According to your account history , this withdrawal was successfully completed and your amount left Graviex. The official TELOS block-explorer apparently stuck . If not received so far, we advise to get in touch with developers of your coin. Graviex support team. IMAGINE THAT. THE COINS NEVER LEFT THEI EXCHANGE, AND ARE NOT ON THE BLOCKCHAIN , AND THEY ARE TELLING ME TO GET IN TOUCH EITH THE "DEVELOPERS" Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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