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Kucoin Exchange, my experience using this exchange for several months is very impressive, Kucoin offers a small minimum deposit, a minimum minimum trading and what I like the most here does not require kyc for withdrawals, I really like it, it is built with a user friendly user interface that makes Kucoin easy to use and also has a unique UI that makes people always remember this exchange, has a lot of trading pairs and contract trading to be the advantages of this exchange even though I haven't tried it and certainly I have never had a problem with this exchange, Kucoin is one of the best exchanges ever I wear.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Bad Support Exchange

Yobit, yes the exchange is quite well known. I have used this exchange several times and I am disappointed with this exchange, I lost 2FA Authentication and tried to contact support but they responded and there is no certainty until now, this exchange has a low minimum withdrawal, I like it with that, but by having too many trading pairs making the website slower and not responsive this is very annoying when trading, but has a friendly UI to cover it up, and the number of tokens / junk coins here is only to meet this exchange, better delist coins / tokens that have a small trading volume, I have enough with yobit because of unsatisfactory support and I also lost assets because of itSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Founded in 2017, Binance comes with many trading pairs, and has a good ecosystem, has a variety of platforms in the form of websites, Android and iOS, and the most interesting thing about binance is that it has many trading options, namely spot and futures, users can choose trading what they want, with tutorials to help beginners and also minimal deposits and small withdrawals, customer service here is also satisfying, and binance often holds many events, yes I like the event, with a high-level security system, making people not feel worried when save assets here, Binance has become a famous exchange for several years, I think Binance will experience rapid progress in the next few years, shifting other well-known exchanges Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Bittrex, I have been using this exchange for a number of years and in my opinion Bittrex is the best crypto exchange to date, maybe everyone has no doubt about security here and I am happy about it, even though some time I have experienced a delay in withdrawing, which should have been then I contacted Bittrex customer service and they immediately responded quickly to my service, I was satisfied with their service, there was no other exchange that was responsive like this, and the fee for withdrawing was not too large it was very helpful for me, even though I had to verify kyc here but that is not a big problem for me, besides that bittrex has a lot of trading pairs, making more and more trading choices, with responsive and lightweight UI / UX adding plus points to this exchangeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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