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What is BitCoin? Bitcoin, which has been frequently talked about in recent days, is a virtual currency. But the interest he has received has become so great that everyone is trying to understand how bitcoin has gained value in such a short time. And the question on their minds, of course, is Bitcoin the right investment tool? YES!!! It is a logical and beautiful investment tool, whether it is its current rise, whether it is investments made, whether it is the gains it has made to its buyer. For the Bitcoin production phase, the term mining is used. In fact, it deserves a long article on its own, why Bitcoin mining is so important rather than how it is done. Because one of the key points of what makes Bitcoin such an important technology and a great invention is the concept known as Proof-of-Work. In this article, I will keep the sanity of our readers who do not want to talk about this topic roughly and think too much about the technical part of the work, at least for now. And finally... Bitcoin is a virtual currency; however, it has been debated for some time whether it will replace paper money. It is very clear that there is a currency that needs to be taken seriously; but to think that paper money will replace it is a little far from the truth. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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