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Qtum 's first project was a cryptocurrency exchange. Its first product is the QTUM network, a system to facilitate instant, secure and transparent exchange of cryptocurrencies between users . The company is focused on providing the most advanced and convenient cryptocurrency exchange in the world . The company recently announced a new product, the QTUM cryptocurrency wallet. The new wallet allows QT UM users to store, send and receive Q TUM coins with ease. The company is currently working to expand the Q TUM cryptocurrency wallet by adding support for the TUM token , which is currently traded on the popular Crypt opia Exchange . QT UM was established in 2016 by the QT UM development team.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Ethereum , one of the most powerful and innovative cryptocurrencies ever created and still the second-largest, as of the start of 2017 , according to coinmarket cap. The company raised its capital from a $ 10 million venture capital fund, which was led by Pantera Capital. According to the company 's website, it 's the first company to raise a multi-million dollar funding from a venture capital firm with an investment of more than $1 million. The company is working with the National Science Foundation to develop software that will make the decentralized application programming interfaces ( UIs) of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin easier to use. The company is also working to develop a blockchain based trading platform, a type of decentralized exchange ( decentralized exchange ). It is important to note that Ethereum is not a currency or token but a protocol that enables users to develop software for decentralized applications. It uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (E VM) and the Ethereum blockchain to provide a platform for creating and managing decentralized applications.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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