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Looking for a better way to trade on cryptocurrency? ABCC makes that dream come to reality . This exchange enables an easy to trade on cryptocurrencies with step-by-step guildlines from setting up an account till you start trading. There is also ERC-20 token from ABCC Digital Asset Exchange with is ABCC Token. AT holders get a different benefits from the token, they currently have a total fixed supply of 210million tokens. Getting AT can be done through Trade contribution with continuous process. Which implies that the trade contribution will have to release average(50percent) of the tokens and on the other hand the other average(50percent) will be released simultaneously. Out of the 50 percent for the trade contribution, 40 percent heads in line to those who belongs to ToM(Trade-to-Mine), and those who traded before the AT was issued could get the available 10percent. 50 percent of simultaneous release goes thus 20 percent goes to the team,10 percent to investors and the last 20 percent to the platformSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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