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HÔĽŅey, Do you know about poloniex,This is the best crypto exchange. You can use Credit card to buy cryptocurrencies also. It has BEST UI with amazing interface suitable for beginners as well as for experts. This is ny favourite because it's fees is as low as FREE. Yes it is sponsored by Tron so it has less fees on tron trade. It support many crypto but It lack some tokens. Wonderful experience with them and I'll alwasy recommend them. Also there is no KYC and it supports 2FA ÔĽŅ As I always end Regards from Moiz Moiz. Have a safe and happy day and must tey poloniex...... Siehe vollst√§ndige Bewertung

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Trust Wallet

HÔĽŅey, I am using Trust Wallet from years,It is good wallet and maybe better than some other wallets. I think if you are coinbase user,and you don't want to store bitcoin,then you should switch to trust wallet. It supports DAPPs which is not available in other wallets. It also give rewards to invite friends. But the problem it has it we need bnb tokens to send TWT tokens. But It was a best experience for me. It also supports staking crypto like tron. Regards from Moiz Moiz Siehe vollst√§ndige Bewertung

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