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I have full control of my transaction. I am responsible for my own money. Because my identity is private, no one can find out why I use my money. Other properties owned by Monero because of its privacy, Monero is replaceable (fungible). The definition of Investopedia is: Let's look at Bitcoin as an example. Bitcoin prides itself as an open ledger and an open book. But that also means that everyone can see transactions in it, and more importantly, everyone can see the traces of these transactions. This basically means that for example you have a bitcoin that has been used in illegal transactions, such as buying drugs, this will forever be recorded in the details of the bitcoin transaction. So, the bitcoin you have will be tarnished. On some exchange platforms or bitcoin service providers, this tarnished bitcoin will be priced lower than net bitcoin. This kills the fungibility property and is one of the most criticized properties of Bitcoin itself. Because the question is why do you have to be difficult because of illegal transactions carried out by other people? This is why the Monero Blockchain is present. Because all Monero data and transactions are private, no one can know what Monero transactions you have passed before and for what transactions Monero is used. Because there is no transaction history, it means there is no trace of the transaction either. Therefore, there is no Monero concept that is tarnished and pure, which makes Monero fungible.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Fast payment: Pay almost instantly. Not dependent on the miner: Transactions do not need to be approved and verified by the miner to run. Receiving micro payments: Previously, micro payments were very uncomfortable to do on the Bitcoin blockchain. Now this payment is very possible thanks to Lightning Network. Receive multi-signatures: Transactions will run if everyone present in the channel approves. Reducing load blockchain: With many transactions running in the chain, this network reduces the load that must be taken by the main chain. Reducing waiting time: Because the transaction runs outside the chain and without the intervention of miners, there is a small chance of waiting time. This helps scalability because it will increase the number of transactions that occur every second.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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based on the supply of coins in circulation until the total supply ratio Coinvestor can determine how much coin has the potential to be dumped on the market by the coin development team. If the number is too large, it means that the coin-coin has the potential to decrease in price due to oversupply. Conversely, if it is too low it means that a coin is increasing in popularity and the possibility of the price will increase along with the increase in demand but the supply is insufficient. Actually this is a better metric for determining the potential of a cryptocurrency than others, because it can't be manipulated.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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