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Yobit has a very important advantage – it’s a very active exchange. The exchange platform is translated into 3 languages, support also answers in English Russian and there is a very very big chatroom with almost 80000 users. Right now, Yobit is attracting many foreign users and soon this exchange will vastly expand, even now official English-speaking Yobit chat includes 82k people, at this pace, it will most likely grow to 200k in a year. A bit about safety. Yobit doesn’t have any such issues, the exchange itself has never been hacked, although it’s been operating since 2014. It’s among the oldest exchanges that are still around. Yobit implements double layered protection and verification of every transaction. In general, in terms of security Yobit is highly functional, don’t dismiss that, because before there was a lot of fishing going on and people lost money due to their inattentiveness. A very important moment is that if you accidently buy something and it plummets, no exchange will cancel your trade. Many may find this an unnecessary point, but sometimes in the chatroom people will post repetitive complaints about such occurrences demanding their money back:) I like this exchange, I’ve been and will continue trading here, it’s very interesting to watch how it is developing and what ways of making money it offers. Here there are many beginners and seasoned traders, many of those who made it big and those who’ve lost everything, thus, is not just an exchange, it’s a community – the best thing the Internet has to offer!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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