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I have been on this exchange for a long time, and I like everything. I don’t understand why many people write that they have some problems with the exchange, while everything is fine with me. Problems were maximum in 2017, when the flow of people was so large that iobit closed the registration. In those days, there were lags and long payouts, but they still stayed there, in 2017, along with a hype to the crypto)) Nowadays this is a great exchange, with excellent opportunities for earning. In addition, it is very convenient that you can replenish and withdraw in rubles, and the commission is very low, in comparison with exchangers. Unless the card is usually at 5-7%, but here's the life hack: withdraw to the capitalist, and from it to the card - based on the result of a 3.5% commission for everything. Now it’s time for forks, recently a fork arrived at my cue ball, which I did not even expect)) A very pleasant surprise at 40k at the current rate. True, there they froze most of the investment, but nonetheless.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Trust wallet is my preferred mobile wallet because it is sponsored by binance and offers good possibilities for the staking of various altcoins, of course I keep my passphrase very well a copy I have it on my computer and another copy i kept on a piece of paper. It's very easy process. Download the official Trust wallet app and just follow the procedure one by one and you can easily create your wallet account. Only important thing is that, you must do a backup of your recovery phrase because if in future you somehow lost your private key the you can recover your wallet account by this recovery phrase otherwise you can't recover your account.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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