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I joined DeepOnion a 4 month ago i am glad to see team is very much active and dedicated towards their work and passion of cryptocurrency. It is not a cryptocurrency it a way of developing finance sector and to help to maintain your privacy with stealth address. I recommend everyone who would like to dive into to new opportunity. Team will answer you on all threads of forum as many people joined DeepOnion team and team is experienced and hard working. Developer did their job very well .. You can share your point of view on DeepOnion forum and i must say ONION will be the next bitcoin and i am lucky to have ONION Coin in mh portfolioSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Ontology intends to solve an interesting problem, one that any person who has had to prove their identity over the internet is familiar with. The process usually entails scanning all the documents an identity thief would love to get their hands on and then sending them unencrypted, via email. The documents end up at a company which stores them forever using often insufficient security measures. On the other hand, the Ontology developers also need to make users’ security is their first priority. The code must remain open source and needs to be thoroughly peer reviewed to root out bugs and backdoors. Development needs to be diverse with checks and balances put in place to allow for new contributors but at the same time protect against bad actors. These are no small tasks, and even the longest running open source projects struggle with them. If government ID systems do successfully become decentralized, or added to a distributed network that is not subject to the laws of any one country, it would serve to increase trust over the internet. Ontology’s success could open the door to things like getting verified for a top tier exchange account in an instant, applying for credit at a Swiss bank from your couch in the US, or simply proving your age at a bar without letting the bouncer know where you live.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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